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Magic Man has the power to do whatever he wants, even maybe take over the world if he wanted, but instead he just uses his black magic to do these stupid little party tricks, like summoning an undead rabbit into his hat and then pulling it out like a magician. 
So this guy's sort of a background character, but he's Hero's friend and I think he deserves a bio.

You'll probably want to read this before reading the bio:

Name: No one really knows his real name, but he just has people call him "Merchant"

Gender: Again, no one really knows, but Merchant is fine with whatever pronoun you want to call him

Age: Presumed to be a young adult or teenager

Height: 5'0"

Weight: 105 pounds

Home Kingdom: Everyone has their own theory about where Merchant came from but no one knows for sure. The most popular theory is that he came from the Obsidian Kingdom.

Occupation: Merchant

Personality: Merchant is pretty greedy and selfish. He'll sell his stuff for really high prices even if the thing he's selling really shouldn't be that expensive. If someone would come up to his stand and try to steal something or leave without buying anything Merchant will basically hunt them down and force them to buy something/give back the item they stole. Merchant is usually very unimpressed and apathetic, but he's very passionate about money. Merchant doesn't speak at all which leads people to think he's mute, but in reality he just thinks everyone is an idiot and he doesn't see the point in wasting time talking to them. Since he doesn't talk to anyone and since a lot of people are pretty intimated/scared by him he doesn't have any friends, well besides one person. Hero will come to Merchant's stand almost everyday and buy something, but instead of leaving right after he'll just stay there and talk for hours and hours, with Merchant just silently watching and listening. Hero has said that Merchant his best friend multiple times and so Merchant just kind of goes along with it.

Backstory: No one knows anything about Merchant's past, he just kind of showed up one day and started selling overpriced, illegal, and probably cursed items. This is another thing people have a lot of theories of. Some people think he's an outlaw trying to get rid of all the things he's stolen, while a few other people think he may be a ghost or demon or something supernatural like that (but all of these theories are incorrect). Merchant honestly enjoys hearing about all of the gossip and theories about him though, he finds all of it entertaining.
I felt like drawing Captain today so that's what I did. There really wasn't a point in making this other than to show that Captain's blush is blue, like the inside of his mouth. (Fun fact, his blush and mouth are blue and his tears are black with his mask on, but without the mask everything's its normal color)
Annnnd here's another one. ...Wait, another 'X' themed villain.. *old comic flashbacks* but yeah that was unintentional. also don't pay attention to that second outfit he has there, you don't need to worry about that yet

You'll probably want to read this before reading the bio:

Name: Xenos

Gender: Male

Age: Young Adult

Height: 5'2"

Weight: 120 pounds

Home Kingdom: Obsidian Kingdom

Occupation: King of the Obsidian Kingdom

Personality: Xenos is a very jealous, selfish person. He despises all of the other kingdoms and the people living in them. Half of the time Xenos is seen acting completely psychopathically happy while the other half he's just annoyed and angry at everyone around him. When he doesn't get what he wants he'll get really upset and basically throw a fit as if he was still a spoiled little kid (which he kind of is). Xenos really likes hurting other people and taking other people's things. He's a big spoiled bully, really. He really doesn't care about other people and will always laugh at other's misfortune. He'll always try to manipulate and trick people into giving him the things he wants or into doing stuff for him that he doesn't want to do for himself. He's a jerk.

Backstory: Xenos was the youngest in his family as a kid. He had two older brothers that always picked on him and made fun of him, and his parents never really stopped them from doing this. Unlike his brothers though, Xenos had been born with horns which meant he was supposed to become king one day. His brothers really didn't like this though, and became very jealous, which is one of the big reasons why they were so mean to him. As Xenos and his brothers got older his brothers only got worse. They would actually start to physically harm him, and Xenos would never be able to do anything because he was much smaller and weaker than them. Xenos had started hearing about how horns used to hold great power while all of this was going on though, and started trying to train himself to use that power. He had found an old book talking about all of the magic held in horns and how to use that magic, which he used to train himself. One day Xenos finally had enough of his brothers and used his newfound powers to get rid of them. No one really knows exactly what happened to Xenos' brothers, but Xenos just acts like they never existed in the first place and doesn't ever talk about them. Flash forward quite a few years, Xenos is finally king and he kinda sucks. He abuses his power basically, and if people don't do what he wants there are severe punishments (such as death. Xenos is pretty serious with his punishments). One day Xenos decided he was sick and tired of his kingdom being located on their crappy little island and decided that he was going to take over the other four kingdoms for himself. Since he knew the residents of his kingdom weren't going to willingly follow him into this he decided to mind control all of them into doing whatever he wanted with his powers (that he still has). Xenos and his kingdom go to the Diamond Kingdom first since it's the weakest and basically that's where the actual current story starts off and I don't want to say anymore incase I spoil the whole beginning.

And yeah that's the bio of probably the edgiest character in this story.
Alrighty, so as some of you may know, I'm going to be trying to create a story again with characters and places and all that jazz, but before I start posting the characters there are a few things that you'll need to know so you'll be able to understand more about the characters, why they look/act a certain way, etc. To start off I'll be talking about the kingdoms, which is where the story gets its name from. There are a total of 5 kingdoms, all having the name of some type of rock/gem. I'll go ahead and list the kingdoms and tell a bit about each one.

The Obsidian Kingdom - This kingdom is known for its dangerous and untrustworthy residents. The residents of this kingdom often look mutilated or monstrous, so it's not that rare to see someone who looks more like a horror movie monster than a person. The residents' heights can range from anywhere as small as 3 feet tall to as big as 10 feet tall. These residents mostly stay within the boundaries of the kingdom, so they don't usually bother other kingdoms (but this all changes when Xenos becomes king, you'll know who he is later). The kings/queens of this kingdom don't usually wear crowns or anything that'd indicate royalty, people can tell who's in charge from whoever has horns. This kingdom is located much farther away from any other kingdom on an island made entirely of igneous rock formed from the volcano in the center of the kingdom. There are very few plants there, with the only type of animals there looking as monstrous as the residents. The air in this kingdom is very thick and smokey from the volcano and it's always extremely hot, but the residents have adapted to this and are able to breathe well enough in the smoke and not burn up from the heat, but if an outsider from another kingdom would go there without protection they'd most likely end up suffocating and/or getting heatstroke.

The Diamond Kingdom - This kingdom is known for its wealth and beauty, and for the fact that it is ironically the weakest out of all the kingdoms. This kingdom's residents all try to look their best and they all keep the land and buildings very neat and tidy. All of the residents are relatively small as well. Everything in the kingdom is organized, clean, and pastel colored. The buildings and people all look like they belong together, and the people take great pride in that. All of the residents are very weak though, and the kingdom doesn't have any sort of military for itself, they rely on the Bedrock Kingdom for protection. The Diamond Kingdom actually doesn't do too much for themselves besides cleaning; they get their food, protection, and help with anything in general from neighboring kingdoms, but they're always able to repay the other kingdoms in great amounts of money. The sky in this kingdoms is usually clear, but when it rains it's always nothing more than a drizzle. There has never been any sort of natural disaster in this area and the land is always nice and green. The only problem here is that the kingdom doesn't really do anything with this perfect land. All they really do is keep it looking tidy and brag about it, although they have sold parts of this land for great amounts of money. Under this perfect land is filled with all types of gems that the Diamond Kingdom gets the Bedrock Kingdom to dig up for them, and then the gems are sold for lots of money as well.

The Bedrock Kingdom - This kingdom is known for its strong knights and always being able to help out the other kingdoms. The name 'bedrock' came from the fact that this kingdom kind of supports all of the other kingdoms in one way or another. The residents in this kingdom are usually very friendly and confident, with more than half of them becoming knights at the Guild (the Guild and knights will be explained more later on). The residents are  all relatively small, all being around the same height as the residents in the Diamond Kingdom, but mostly all of the residents in the Bedrock Kingdom are very strong. The residents of this kingdom often have heroic or courageous sounding names like "Hero" for example  (who happens to be a resident of this kingdom and the main character of this whole little story). This kingdom is located in a very large clearing in the middle of a forest of redwoods. All of the buildings in this kingdom are made of wood from the redwoods, and so are most of the other things like wagons, fences, etc. The Bedrock Kingdom is the kingdom that came up with the Guild (which again will be explained later) and have set up Guilds all across the territory of all of the other kingdoms.

The Moonstone Kingdom - This kingdom is known for its underground land and their one very popular tavern. Unlike every other kingdom, the Moonstone Kingdom is placed in an underground cavern. The cavern is filled with a certain type of mushroom and stone that both give off a strange blue glow, which has turned into the equivalent of sunlight in this kingdom. Since the glow from these stones and mushrooms give off the same amount of energy plants need to grow as sunlight, and since there's a whole system of streams and rivers in the caves, there's an entire forest growing underground, but all of the plants are turned a blue color from the blue glow of the stones and mushrooms. The residents of this kingdom have also turned a shade of blue, and have grown to be the tallest out of all of the other kingdoms. And since these residents live in place without sunlight their eyes have adapted to see in the dark, but now sunlight hurts their skin and eyes so they don't usually come out onto the surface unless necessary. The people in this kingdom mostly live off of fish from the rivers, but they also eat and make beverages out of the strange fruit that grows off of the trees in their forest. These beverages are what is sold at the tavern in the middle of town, which the king himself runs. People from all around come to this tavern to get some of these drinks, but it can get pretty hard for outsiders to see down there.

The Opal Kingdom - This kingdom is known for its winged residents and its placement in the Technicolor Mountains. The Technicolor Mountains get their name from the colors the sky turns once you get to the top of these mountains. At the top of these mountains the sky can be seen as a pastel rainbow all throughout the day, with different colors and shades of colors at different times of day. It isn't really known why the sky does this, but a lot of people think it has something to do with how odd the air is at that height. The residents of this kingdom are a bit smaller than the residents of the Moonstone Kingdom, but are still much taller than the residents of the Bedrock and Diamond Kingdoms. These residents have wings that let them soar through the mountains they live in. These residents are also very friendly and welcome anyone who comes to their kingdom. This kingdom is definitely the most creative out of all of the kingdoms. The people are responsible for writing music and stories for the rest of the kingdoms, and usually send out sheets of music or written stories via winged messenger. These people are also great with healing and medicine, which they also make and send out to other kingdoms. This kingdom is never part of any sort of war and are definite pacifists.

And now for a few things Bedrock Kingdom specific:

The Guild - The Guild is a training place for residents to become knights. Guilds are placed all throughout the land, one in each kingdom's territory.

Knights - The knights are more like helpers than anything. Their job is to go from kingdom to kingdom, helping to fix any problem anyone has, whether that problem is something large or something small. The only kingdom knights don't go to is the Obsidian Kingdom which they claim is because of how far away the kingdom is, but really they're just too proud to say that they're scared to travel there. Only residents of the Bedrock Kingdom become knights.

Knight Apprentice - a knight apprentice is simply a young Bedrock Kingdom resident training to become a knight. They are not allowed to leave the Bedrock Kingdom unsupervised and usually just do small things around the kingdom until they are ready to become full knights.

And now for something that has to do with royalty in all the kingdoms

Horns - Sometimes in every kingdom a baby will be born with horns and if someone has horns they are instantly in line for the thrown. Anyone with horns is deemed important and will become leader of their kingdom one day. It's said that the horns hold a certain mystic power, but no one's ever done anything magical in a long, long time.

And ye, that's about all there is to know I think. I'll start posting the characters sometime soon after I post this. Oh and I'm actually thinking of making this a comic, but we all know how that worked out last time *horrible old comic flashbacks* but I'm actually liking this story I think, and I'm actually developing it and the characters instead of diving headfirst into the first idea I get like I did with my last few attempts at a comic. But like.. I don't know. Knowing me I may just give up on it (I give up too much ah) but hopefully it'll become a thing. Hopefully.


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Hello anyone who happens to see this, and welcome! I'm Captain-6 (although, you can just call me Captain if you'd like) and I draw a bit too much.
Most of the things I draw are OC's that I'll probably only ever use once, and sometimes fan art of anything I'm obsessed with at the time.
I like playing video games, watching YouTube, drawing (which you've probably figured out by now), creating stories and characters, cosplaying/going to conventions, and animating (or trying to, at least).
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Art trades are open, so if you'd like to do one just ask.
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